I have a passion for working with form, proportion, materials, and light, to create intimate spaces or dramatic places. I think about carving out spaces for the site that frames the sightlines and fits the contemporary lifestyle of my clients.

As an architect, I like to work closely with my Client's program and frame their lifestyle. I feel the style of architecture must follow their style of life. I envision a rhythm to the spaces that flows logically and lyrically so the spaces are well organized and easy to comprehend. 

I believe the warmth of contemporary architecture is in the materials & the details. Although people may be most familiar with the comfort and charm of traditional spaces, there can be many expressions of warmth, comfort and charm in modern architecture. Similarly, the buildings that house the modern lifestyle can project an updated warmth and comfort in an authentic manner.

I specialize in designing homes with difficult sites that feature environmentally critical areas. Many of my projects over the years, including my own residence, have been designed for sites that include steep slopes, some having been along a waterfront as well. In addition to designing these homes, I have also served as the on-site project manager on two projects. I understand the regulatory and construction challenges involved. 

With a foundation in wood working & ceramics, I have hands-on experience with form, proportion, and finishes. My architecture reflects my innate discipline and knowledge of order, detail, and flow.